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Free Unreal Engine 4 courses. GAME FACTORY 2016: One month complete free course on game development using Unreal Engine from ELucru and Nikolay Manolov. The engine allows creating complex 3D real-time games.
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One month free complete course on game development using Unreal Engine from ELucru and Nikolay Manolov for GAME FACTORY.

60 years have passed since the first video game appeared in the middle 50s. If you think that only talented programmer with extra skills can create such app, you have no notion of time. Back in the day one has to write the script at the bottom. Now all you need is to choose the engine, write a logic and voila - the game is ready.

Indie games, created without any experience and financial support, have become a current trend in game dev. No more packings for the projects. Digital stores (Steam, Origin, GameTap, Direct2Drive) offer games from popular developers and from beginners, kept on the same shelf. Sometimes “beginners” are sold better, as it happened with Minecraft of Markus Persson, acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014.

Why Unreal Engine?

The engine allows creating complex 3D real-time games. The time needed to master Unreal engine skills is one month: two lessons per week. The games are available for Mac, iOS, Xbox One, Android, Playstation 4. The engine features a wide spectrum of programs including 3D modeling, making it useful not only for game developers, but also for designers.

The latest version - Unreal Engine 4, appeared in 2014 is free with a clause – Once you ship your game, you pay 5% of gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product per calendar quarter. None of other platforms offers more beneficial conditions for beginners.

We invite:

  • those who want to master the skill of fast prototyping – scriptwriters and artists.
  • those who have tones of ideas, but have gaps in programming.

What you'll need:

  1. Laptop with Windows 7/8;
  2. Installed Unreal Engine 4 - download UE4;
  3. Motivation to personal development!

The course schedule:

  1. Introduction to Unreal Engine, elements and interface, objects control;
  2. Objects, events processing;
  3. Menu and interface;
  4. Background, effects;
  5. Power-ups;
  6. Online game;
  7. VR in games;
  8. Packing and publishing.

8 two-hour courses.
Location: IT Academia STEP, Bd. Decebal, 139, mun. Chișinău

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